Sermon Series : Faith In Action

Beginning this Sunday and covering the next 6 weeks leading up to Reformation Sunday, we will be exploring the topic of how our faith is transformed into action. This Sunday we will look at our social responsibility toward the less fortunate. Edmund McMahon from Trinity Disability Services will be sharing with us about his area of work where faith is put into action every single day. Come and find out about how caring for the needy is transforming lives and giving them hope, jobs, and restoring dignity.

Come and learn more about this on Sunday, Sept 22nd at Living Word Ashmore

With the Federal elections over, the next topic in this series will be to explore faith in society and politic. Rikki Lambert, consultant and former lawyer for the Family First party (South Australia) will be our guest speaker to give us an insight into politics from a Christian point of view. There has been an age long debate about the separation of church and state – something Luther promoted 500 years ago in the context of religious-political entanglement of the Roman Catholic Church. It has been inshrined into the American constitution and is brought up on numerous times by the media whenever a Christian view is brought into the political debate. Some say we have lost our voice, while others insist we shouldn’t voice our opinion at all. We have seen this even among our own politicians during the election debate. So what is the role of a christian as a citizen with democratic rights and responsibilities to be involved in shaping our society?

Come and find out more about it on Sunday, Sept 29th at Living Word Ashmore.

So onward with our topic … but the next focus will be directed to us as church body. Are we members or disciples? Which one did Jesus create, and which one did he die for? When are they the same and when are they very different? This one looks at faith in action as a Christian believer involved in congregational life. Like a kaleidoscope of colours, we will be exploring FAITH IN ACTION from various points of view, with the desired hope that we will all, in one way or another, put our faith into action to bless each other. Here is a thought: ‘Does the Church have a mission, or does God’s mission have a church?’

At our recent Church Council meeting, based on a book we are reading and reviewing, we discussed this need for a change: from ‘if we go to church, then we can also leave church,’ to ‘but if we are the church, then we are God’s presence everywhere we go, everyday we live, in everything we do.’

Pastor Dirk Willner