Christmas … It’s the most beautiful time of the Year!

Come Join us! It’s Christmas Time!

We wish you a merry Christmas and hope that you will join us this year.

Christmas Service Times 2017

  • December 24   6pm – Nativity Play w/ Carols – all in attendance, (especially children) can be in the play – no rehearsals required! 
  • December 25   9am – Lessons and Carols
  • We will meet at
  • Trinity Lutheran Church, Ashmore
  • 641 Ashmore Road, Ashmore QLD


Come along and get into the real spirit of the season – all welcome!

Sermon series on Prayer

This series starts with sermon 2. Sermon one was sadly not recorded.

Sermon #2 on the topic of Prayer discusses conundrums such as why we sometimes feel as if our prayers are not answered and what we can do to have a successful prayer life.