Commitment to Faith


Commitment to Faith

John’s Gospel of Jesus

by Pastor Dirk Willner


Our Third book in three years!

Published and launched in October 2016!

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The eMinistry started to publish podcasts and books in 2014. We are now celebrating the third book and have a community that stretches over continents to Africa and Asia. The community in South Africa really enjoy our books an podcasts and follow what we do with a keen eye. This book has already been pre-launched in South Africa and we sold a number of copies there in August this year.

In John’s Gospel we come to realise that the author and apostle understands Jesus to be the eternal presence of God come in flesh and walking among us. His message points us to an eternal destiny planned for mankind to be in Gold’s presence. The puzzle of ‘who is this Jesus?’ becomes clear as we are introduced to the one who has come from heaven to open heaven’s door to us.

Jesus confronts our limited temporal existence. His agenda seen in his dying for us on the cross with the resurrection that followed, gives us a greater, broader, and more meaningful perspective on life than the next political election or the state of our economy or the latest new gadget, and the next moralistic movement. We need to realize that our existence will cease! What then? When this truth is finally seen for what it is, then we are left with a depressive hopelessness.

The question that we ask when we are in this hopeless state is: “Is this all there is to life?” To which Jesus speaks his message of hope that there is far more to come and it begins NOW. As Jesus was lifted up in fulfillment of God’s agenda for our salvation, so w are lifted up into his eternal presence. This divine connection changes everything, beginning for our ‘here-and-now’ as well as for ‘what is yet to come’.

This is a great read for personal study or to share in a group study. There are short sections with interesting thought provoking questions for discussion. Some space to take notes and write a prayer for those who come to mind during your study.

It is written in a easy to understand language with some study notes from Pastor Dirk Willner to add to the learning experience and create a personal connection with Apostle John’s perspective of Jesus.

Included with the book is the full series of video recordings on this series. These videos are below.

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