What is Confirmation? –

Confirming Our Faith

Why do we have confirmation on a website now?

Dear Parent

We do this as a web driven program because we have found that children need the support of their parents when they go through the confirmation studies.

We are offering this as a resource for parental support for a one year program to explore the main aspects of our Christian Faith. This resource is designed to be used in the home with your children as a discussion starter. We have based our YouTube ‘click&play’ resource on the FaithInk journals for confirmation. At Living Word we are inviting students around year 5 & 6 to take up this opportunity.

The topics covered are linked with Luther’s Small Catechism to discuss questions ranging from Jesus’ own ministry and teachings, questions about our personal relationship with God through prayer (the Lord’s Prayer), and even exploring some history surrounding Luther who championed our focus back on faith and grace, centred on God’s Word for our daily life. After this year you are welcome to go on and do the other topics discussed in the Faith Ink Journals. There are journals on the Ten Commandments and the Apostles Creed. You can also connect online with other students along the way and even organise a retreat camp towards the end of this course to write up your own faith statements that will become part of your public confirmation celebration.  If you want to have your confirmation at our home congregation, please contact us and if you want to have your confirmation at your own congregation, then please contact your local pastor. Look out for further programs on Hot Topics to help you grow in your Christian life through Church worship, ministry, service, and mission, as well as the tough questions of today’s generation.

All this was done via YouTube ‘click&play’, easy access for your home discussions on your computer, iPad, tablet or laptop. This enables parents and children to sit around the kitchen table and talk about faith.

So the short answer to why we are doing this online is to save you time and to help you bring Faith back into the Home.

You do not have to go out to a weekly class with the Pastor.

  • You can help your children grow their Faith @ Home and you can be an active part in their growth.stick_figures_enjoying_coffee_400_clr_12809
  • You can feel equipped to do this because you have the resources that will help you help them.
  • You have a community online even if you have no Pastor at your local Lutheran Church.
  • You have someone to contact via email or telephone if you have any questions that relate to the Confirmation program.
  • You have a growing E-ministry under your fingertips and can join into the other Sermon Series and the weekly podcasts to help you grow at the same time.
  • You can join in on the facebook page and be part of our community there as well.love_of_coffee_400_clr_13124
  • No more driving  needed and for less than the price of a cup of coffee per  lesson.

We have received some amazingly positive feedback from this online approach, by Parents and students alike. The new approach to equip parents and resource students to explore the Christian faith at home  through self-directed learning ( available to fit into their busy life style ) has revitalised the meaning of personal faith for all the family.

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Less than a cup of coffee for a lesson and connection with Confirmation.

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30 video lessons for the year coming your way

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I am so excited to know that we will be enjoying your Confirmation Journey together.

See you on the welcome page where I will show you more about the book we will use for our First Topic of the year.


Pastor Dirk Willner