Confirmation: Martin Luther 4 Heretic’s Trial


Dear Parents and Confirmation students

We are moving ahead quite quickly now and I am really hoping you are enjoying the life of Martin Luther this time around.

He had a very interesting life didn’t he? He started off pretty normal, but clearly his parents had very strong ideas about what is right and wrong.

They sent him to school and wanted him to study further and here he is, really making the best of that opportunity.

He studied the scriptures and he studied the known facts of religion and then he realised that the Bible actually says something different from what everyone in his time believed.

He realised that the Bible is for all not just for the privileged few and the learned people.

This brought him a great deal of difficulty though because he got into trouble with the people around him, his family, his teachers, the Vatican and all the important people of his time.

Well, we learn from him that we must sometimes stand our ground for what is right in life.

Enjoy the video and please send me your questions so I can help you to grow in your faith.


Pastor Dirk Willner