Confirmation: Martin Luther 7 Prayer Review

Dear Confirmation Students and Parents

It is wonderful to know that we have been spending nearly 30 weeks together this year, getting ready to confirm what we believe in as followers of Jesus Christ.

It is also wonderful to realise that so many years after Jesus was here on earth to save us from death and to give us the opportunity to choose life in Him, that he also gave us strong faithful people like Martin Luther to study the Word in so much detail that we have a great idea of what faith and grace is all about.

Please make sure that you know the Lord’s Prayer off by heart for those times in life when you have to hold on to the Lord but do not necessarily have a Bible close by.

We only have sessions 8-10 left, so please if you have any questions around your faith or anything that we have been discussing during this time, let me know so I can help you.

The email address on the Find Us Page is good to reach me and also the is a good email address to use to make contact with me,

Talk soon

Pastor Dirk Willner