Confirmation: Martin Luther 9 Baptism

Parents, Students….

Wow! How exciting is this! We are at the second last chapter and so nearly finished with Confirmation lessons that we can touch the end.

Are you also excited about what you have learned and how we have moved through all the lessons?


Thank you so much parents and students for sharing this journey with me as it is really very close to my heart to bring others closer to understanding who Jesus is and what it really means for all of us to believe in Christ.

Baptism is really so important to understand so that we realise how special it is to be a part of God’s Family.

In this lesson I speak about the Small Catechism and I would like you to receive a copy of the Small Catechism from Luther so that you can have it with you as reference always.

Please send me an email to so I can make sure that you get your copy.

Oh, I cannot wait to share with everyone that you have done this journey with me and that you we can celebrate your Confirmation of Faith with all believers.


Talk soon


Pastor Dirk Willner