Confirmation – The Life of Jesus Chapter 2

How are you all? Here is a bit of coaching for chapter 2 in our journals (open to page 23).

The topic for this week is all about the birth of Jesus – in scandal, in poverty … and it ended in a crucifixion, which involved unimaginable torture, pain, and agony. Yet Jesus made history!

I like the sentence on page 24 ‘your beginnings don’t determine your endings.’ A lot of our school and sport experiences are all about tests and competition – for many if feels like a set up for failure. Did you come first in swimming, in that marathon, in that maths test … ? How often we then feel down because we believe that those results define who we are. Not so!

Did you know that Albert Einstein apparently failed maths – if he gave up back then we would not have his genius insight today. He redefined our formula and understanding of science. Einstein was also somewhat of a man of faith, as many of the most influential scientists of past centuries. The inventor of penicillin got the idea from reading the Psalms. Who would have ever thought that you could get the inspiration which has literally saved millions of lives from reading God’s Word? I wonder what God will inspire you to achieve just by reading his Word?


Miracles always need a context. For the Saviour to be born, God required Mary. Our context is the groundwork for God to act in our life. Ever thought about that?

Have a look at the rest of the page, but especially the ‘Questions to Ponder.’ I would be keen to discuss your thoughts – come along on Sunday, after the service we will meet up downstairs. We’ll talk about the last two chapters – make it a date (put it in your diary). See you there!

Pastor Dirk Willner