Confirmation – The Life of Jesus Chapter 5

Dear parent’s & Confirmees

Our question for today is:

“Are you the One who is to come, or are we to wait for another?” Luke 7:19

It sounds just like a line from the Matrix movie when Morpheus and Trinity are looking to see if Neo ‘is the one’. I remember having a discussion with someone about whether or not Jesus knew from the beginning or became more aware of who he was. His ministry didn’t begin until he had his baptism. From that moment onward, he engaged in the dynamics of the world, first doing battle with Satan in the wilderness and then bringing healing and release to other people.

There was a time when the disciples of John the Baptist approached Jesus with this question, ‘are you the One?’ Jesus didn’t give them anything to reassure them, but simply pointed to the miracles that were happening everywhere he went.

Miracles were seen as a ‘sign’ that the kingdom of God was impacting the world – things were changing, transforming, restoring. When people encountered Jesus their lives were never the same again. The miracles had their own ‘wow’ factor.

You are a walking miracle! Have a read of page 53. So, let me ask you a question that Jesus posed to his disciples on one occasion. He asked them: ‘who do people say that I am?’ (how would you answer that from our context today?), then he went on to ask them, ‘but who do you say that I am?’ (now that’s where faith comes in). Have a read of John12:14-18, the account of Palm Sunday when all the people gathered to see Jesus because of a particular miracle – what was it, and why do you think it is so important?

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Review with a Quiz – on page 61 … what do you think about the quote from Pablo Picasso and the one from Mother Teresa?!

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