Confirmation – The Lord’s Prayer 10: Review

Dear Parents and Confirmees.

Yes it is review time.

It seemed to be 10 very fast weeks but luckily we had interesting information to study and talk about.

All we need to do now is pray every day and whenever we see the need in the day about all things. Lets review the prayer and the last 10 weeks in this lesson and don’t forget to to order the Martin Luther Journal if you have not done that yet.


There are different translations of the Bible. There are also different translations from an older language to a more modern way of saying something. We don’t talk Shakespearean English anymore except in plays. So, how would you write the Lord’s Prayer using the way you share with others? We need to make the Gospel clear to every generation; not just using old stuff. Find out more…

Enjoy the holidays!

Mums and Dads… it is a good time to order the next book now. Just look below for the links.

Martin Luther And The Small Catechism Head To Heart

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Martin Luther and the Small Catechism Head to Heart

You will find out in the most fun and effective ways imaginable. Learn it at church in art, music, skits, stories, cartoons, and Bible study. Then bring it on home every night of the week with this interactive family.

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Journal 1: Martin Luther and the Small Catechism