Confirmation – The Lord’s Prayer 4: Will Be Done

Dear Parents and Confirmation Students


“Your will be done on Earth as in Heaven …

How do we navigate our way through tough and difficult times with a faith that believes God is involved in it somewhere? We are often confronted with the challenge ‘where is God in that?’ What does it mean to pray this into our everyday events? Should we sit back and look for it to materialize or should we be part of the answer to that prayer in how we act? Find out more…

…. The escalator story continues.

This past week and the one we are in, we have been looking at the part in the LORD’S PRAYER that says: ‘your Kingdom come, your will be done on earth as in heaven.’ To me that often looks like going up a down-escalator. When I no longer relate back to God, life just drags me down. You cannot stand still on a down-escalator! But when I come to worship, or spend time with God by reading the Bible and in prayer, then its like using the up-escalator, traveling along without much effort. I can find rest from the stuff of life, and find myself with Jesus who supports me along the way.

Have a read in your journal (page 33 for week 3 & 43 for week 4). The ‘So what does this mean?section is on the following page. Enjoy talking with your parents about these questions and have a look at the suggested Bible passages.

Here is a thought I remember from reading some of Luther’s reflections on this. He said about this part in the Lord’s Prayer: ‘God’s Kingdom will come to earth in its time and in its way; the point for us is this – may it come AMONG US TODAY!’

That is what prayer is about. We are invited to pray about our situations – ‘God, would you let your presence come among us today to make the difference we need!’ (have a look at question #3 on page 34 & question #2 on page 44 … how could we link them together in such a way as to make a difference at school, or a play, or wherever? Keep in mind that it’s all about the effect prayer has on us and our actions … have a look at question #1 on page 44). Enjoy sharing your highs & lows with your family through the week and bring the Bible verse into your every day in a special way.



Pastor Dirk Willner