Confirmation – The Lord’s Prayer 7: Save Us From Trial

Dear Parents & Confirmees,

Our topic for this week is about ‘don’t lead us into a time of trial, or temptation.’

“And do not bring us to the time of trial …

When I learnt the Lord’s Prayer, this part concerned ‘temptation.’ A time of trial and temptation could be thought of as the same, or they could be very different things. Jesus’ temptation was a trial; a time of testing his resolve. He could have taken the easy way by accepting Satan’s offer. But it wasn’t Satan’s gift to offer in the first place – he lied and tried to deceive Jesus. Find out more…

Open up your journals to page 72&73 and have a read of the introduction. It’s the account of when the devil tempted Jesus. The temptation was to forfeit the relationship with God by taking the easy way and get what you want, do what you want, and be what you want.

Over the page we come to our very important confirmation question: ‘So what does that mean for you?’ Things happen – we cannot do much about that; but how we deal with it is very much in our power. This issue is always: how will we respond?

Have a read of the Bible references and chat with your parents about the role play scenarios. You might be surprised at how common this problem is. So now to the ‘questions to ponder’ (bottom of page 74). I am particularly interested in your thoughts about the first question: ‘Why does the Bible make such a big deal about sin?’

Share with me your wisdom and insight on this:

Have fun going through the week reflecting on the Bible verse for each day. If you have time, remember that each topic has a quiz (see page 81) – that Mum or Dad could use to ask you how much you have discovered from our topic this week. Enjoy life!

Mums and Dads… it is a good time to order the next book now. Just look below for the links.

Martin Luther And The Small Catechism Head To Heart

SpecificationsMartin Luther copy

Martin Luther and the Small Catechism Head to Heart

nd effective ways imaginable. Learn it at church in art, music, skits, stories, cartoons, and Bible study. Then bring it on home every night of the week with this interactive family.

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Journal 1: Martin Luther and the Small Catechism

So, Who was Martin Luther and What is the Small Catechism?

You’ll find out in the most colourful, fun ame Huddle Journal. Ten engaging themes will take you through the life of Martin Luther, the birth of the Reformation and the key parts of the Small Catechism.

What’s in Martin Luther and the Small Catechism?

(These chapters parallel H2H’s Martin Luther and the Small Catechism Themes/ Lessons)

Martin Luther & the Small Catechism Included Chapters Verse Reference
1. The Stormy Monk Luke 1:78-79

2. The Protesting Professor Romans 1:17, 3:22b-24

3. Trouble, Trouble, Trouble Haggai 2:4-5

4. Heretic’s Trial Ephesians 2:8

5. Luther: A Legacy Isaiah 40:8

6. Ten Commandments Overview Psalm 119:11

7. The Lord’s Prayer Overview Matthew 6:9-13

8. The Apostles’ Creed Overview II Corinthians 13:11b, 12a, 13

9. The Sacrament of Holy Baptism Titus 3:4-7

10. The Sacrament of Holy Communion I Corinthians 11:26