Confirmation – The Lord’s Prayer 9:The Doxology

Dear Confirmees & Parents,

“For the Kingdom,

and the Power,

and the Glory are yours,

now and forever.


This is known as the doxology (from the Greek meaning ‘a word of praise’ – used to glorify or give honour). These words were added to Jesus’ prayer. It’s like saying ‘God, you’re worth it!’ When I climb high mountains and reach the top to look around, I usually say something like: ‘wow – would you look at that!’ Our prayers need to have ‘wow-moments,’ acknowledging God. Find out more…

YES, we are now on the  home run!

We looked at the Lord’s prayer and realised that God has a messages in each sentence in the prayer. Something for us to thin about, pray about and that it can change our lives and help us to live a better life every day. Our next topic is going to be Martin Luther and the Small Catechisms.

Do you know what Catechisms are? it sounds weird but it is actually really interesting and great to learn more about who we are as Christians.

But now we have one more lesson and then a lovely break to catch up with all the things we do not always get time for. Enjoy your holidays everyone.

Remember you are always welcome at our church even in the holidays and you can bring your friends and family with you to see what it is we do on Sundays.

Pastor Dirk

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Martin Luther And The Small Catechism Head To Heart

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Martin Luther and the Small Catechism Head to Heart

and effective ways imaginable. Learn it at church in art, music, skits, stories, cartoons, and Bible study. Then bring it on home every night of the week with this interactive family.

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Journal 1: Martin Luther and the Small Catechism