Confirmation – The Lord’s Prayer 1: Our Father


Dear Parent and Confirmees

Lets get started straight away!

Watch the video and then have a read of page 13 … our focus this term is on the Lord’s Prayer, especially along the lines of the disciples who asked Jesus: ‘Lord teach us to pray.’ (Luke 11:1)

Jesus begins to teach us about prayer with the first few words of the Lord’s Prayer: “Our Father in Heaven.” (Matthew 6:9) Turn over to page 14 and have a read under ‘So what does that mean?‘ One thing is for sure. Christianity is the only faith that makes what we believe about God so personal and relational, like what we have in family – we belong to each other. The questions under ‘Role Play‘ are good ones to talk about with your parents, but perhaps before you do that, answer for yourself the ‘Questions to ponder.’

Once you start working through the FAITH 5 Journal (day by day), reflect on the bible verse for the day and perhaps write a prayer that reflects your thoughts on that verse. I particularly like the one for Day #4 from John 14:9; which is your favourite one during this week and why? – let me know … (

REMEMBER. Come to church this Sunday. And if you are somewhere away from your own church. visit a church where you are. It is good to hear what other Pastors have for you as a message.

Also remember to ask your own Pastor to give you something to do in the service. It is so much more fun than just sitting in the pews.:)  Bring along your journal to write your notes on the sermon. Have fun talking about your faith at home, and try to learn the Lord’s Prayer off by heart.

Pastor Dirk Willner