Confirmation – The Lord’s Prayer 3: Your Kingdom Come

Hallo Parents and Confirmation Students

I have to go to Pastors Training every year. One of the things that comes through at every Professional Development event is this: ‘there is always something new to be learned.’

One way of looking at Christian Discipleship is ‘to be a life-long learner.’ It is a sad person who rests on the few things they know and thinks to themselves that there is nothing more to be added to their life. A friend put it this way when we talked about the Christian life: ‘it’s like walking up a down-escalator.’ Have you every tried that in a shopping centre? I know its fun when the escalator is going down, but you are walking up on it – slow going, right?

“Your Kingdom come …

Martin Luther mentioned that God’s Kingdom will come whether we a prepared for it or not. The point of this part of the prayer is ‘that it may come among us.’ What that means is to pray for the experience of what God’s Kingdom is all about. In other words, we are asking to make our faith relevant to our everyday circumstances and issues. Find out more…

My analogy of the escalator continues next week… are you turning up for your next lesson?

Please let me know how you are going with all of this. If you feel you need extra help, you are most welcome to contact me on my email address on this website. I really enjoy hearing from you.


Pastor Dirk Willner