What makes Christ so much better?

What’s better about the Christian faith?

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Well, the Book of Hebrews is preoccupied with finding that out and making its case for the superiority of the Christian faith. This sermon series will run for 9 weeks and cover the main topics of this biblical book in the New Testament. It will be supplemented by YouTube posts on this webpage to help you with a weekly personal study or small groups study. These 9 weeks over the Epiphany and Lenten season will lead up to Easter – the celebration of the sacrificial offering of Christ as our High Priest (the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world), and the resurrection of Christ from the dead (giving life to all who believe and call upon his name). There is no other book in the New Testament that quite covers so well the reason why our salvation is in Christ and has been successfully and completely achieved. Join us in this journey to discover why we can trust and put our faith in God – who has done it!

The topics (chapter headings):Map

Introduction: An Overview and Background

Jesus is superior to the angels (1:1-2:18)

Jesus is superior to Moses (3:1-4:13)

Jesus is superior to Aaron (4:14-6:20)

Jesus is like Melchizedek (7:1-28)

Jesus has a superior covenant (8:1-9:28)

Jesus is the superior sacrifice (10:1-39)

Jesus calls us to a life of faith (11:1-40)

Challenges to our faithfulness (12:1-29)

Service that is pleasing to God (13;1-25)

Hebrews Thumbnail for coms