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The Book of Hebrews


By Pastor Dirk Willner (B.Th., Grad.Dip.Min.) a Living Word ministry, 2014

The Book of Hebrews

Hebrews Study Outline

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The Book of Hebrews


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Christ is better in every way – for your life, faith, and future there is none better That is basically the theme that runs through this book. But the question remains – why is Christ and the Christian faith far better, superior, and more desirable than any other? The author is writing to new Christians – converts from Judaism – as well as addressing the curious crowd among the gentile believers. Their context was living with pressure and persecution aimed at forcing them to give up on Christianity as their faith. By all indications it was written before the destruction of the temple in Jerusalem – which took place in 70AD. The purpose and message of Hebrews is encouragement for people struggling with doubt (a crisis in faith) and uncertainty concerning Christ’s exclusive claim regarding salvation. Here in this book you will find a perfect approach to understand the ‘whole counsel of scripture;’ namely, the New Testament is the fulfilment of the Old Testament promises.


1. Jesus is superior to the Angels    (1:1-2:18) Click Here
Map2. Jesus is superior to Moses (3:1-4:13)
3. Jesus is superior to Aaron (4:14-6:20)

4. Jesus is like Melchizedek (7:1-28)

5. Jesus has a superior covenant (8:1-9:28)

6. Jesus is the superior sacrifice (10:1-39)

7. Jesus calls us to a life of faith (11:1-40)

8. Challenges to our faithfulness (12:1-29)

9. Service that is pleasing to God (13;1-25)